Sydney String Quartet

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I have a quartet, trio or duo?​

All Sweethearts Music ensembles perform acoustically, so the more musicians you have, the bigger the sound is going to be. Quartets and trios are highly recommended for outdoor and large gatherings, while duos and soloists are recommended for indoor and more intimate settings. Often a trio or duo is all you need for Church ceremonies where the acoustics are brilliant. 

Are you able to play a song even if it is not on your play list?

Our play list is being expanded every week, so if a song does not appear, it does not necessarily mean we do not have it. We are always more than happy to arrange your favourite songs on request. A small charges may apply, please contact Music Director Rebecca Guy for a quote. 

What time will the musicians arrive for our booking?

The agreed commencement time is when the musicians begin to play. They will arrive 15 minutes early to set-up - this is covered in the cost which means you pay no extra. 

I only want the musicians for our ceremony. How long will I need to book them for?

For civil ceremonies and regular church ceremonies, you will need to book the musicians for one hour. Though for a full nuptial mass, you will need to book your musicians for one and a half hours. Keep in mind that for all types of ceremonies it is preferable for the musicians to begin playing 15 minutes prior to the ceremony to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for guests. 

Do the musicians need power?

All Sweethearts Music ensembles perform acoustically which means no power is needed for amplification. Your musicians will only require a flat chair each, without arm rests.